Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Week in Review

Okay so it's been more than a week since I posted. I wanted to. I really did but life kept getting in my way! So here's what I've been up to since then . . .

Last week I completed week 2 of C25K and it was lovely. No problem. Then Sunday night at work I fell and hurt my back. To be honest the first thing I thought about was that it was going to derail my running plan!!  It's amazing that just two weeks in and I find myself looking forward to it!

I left work early on Monday morning because it kept hurting more and more and I went to the ER that the occupational health nurse told me to go to. I was there for a little over an hour and all that got accomplished was that a doc who thought I was drug seeking and didn't even properly examine me gave me scripts for V.icodin, Ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer. Grrr. I didn't fill them. I called the occupational health nurse back and she told me to go to one of their clinics that handles all of their worker's comp. cases. That doc was very helpful and did x-rays to make sure I hadn't broken anything before he gave me a course of steroids and a muscle relaxer. I also saw my wonderful and fabulous chiropractor A that day and she helped me a lot too. Other than seeing three doctors on Monday I did nothing but lie on the couch and rest and sleep. Sitting was painful and I was drugged. Tuesday was more lying around and babying my back.

Wednesday I felt so much better. Those meds, the chiro and two days of rest really helped a ton. I even decided to go attempt week 3 day 1. I promised myself that I could quit if I needed to but I didn't need to.  I felt good. Thursday I went back to be adjusted again and I felt even better. Friday when I did day 2 I noticed that I had a lot of pain in my SI joint (pelvis-hip region) on my left side so I FB'd my chiro and asked for advice. Ice, rest, stretch. Did that and felt up to another run (week 3 day 3) Saturday before work!! It feels so good to be through 3 weeks of this program. I'm a third of the way there!! I'm feeling ready for week 4 (jog 3 min/ walk 90 sec/ jog 5 min/ walk 2 1/2 min  x2) since it's not a huge jump from the 1 1/2 and 3 minute jogs I've been doing in week three but then there is the dreaded week 5. After that it gets harder and harder every week. Like a lot harder. Here's how it looks:

Week 5 day 1:    jog 5 min/ walk 3 min/ jog 5 min/ walk 3 min/ jog 5 min
Week 5 day 2:    jog 8 min/ walk 5 min/ jog 8 min
Week 5 day 3:    jog 20 min


So you're telling me that I will go from being a person who's never run more than 8 minutes at once in my life and then suddenly I'll be able to jog 20 minutes straight? Talk about taking the training wheels off! I have been reading through blogs where people like me document their C25K process and they all are about where I am right now on week 3 and they are all able to do it. I guess I will just have to have faith. I think this is where the idea that running is about 40% physical and 60% mental.

I'll be sure to document it here how that all goes! I'm not expecting anything too drastic on week 4 since it's not a huge jump. I found this week that I wasn't even getting to where I needed to look to see how much time was left until 2 minutes so I think the jump to 5 minutes won't be huge. I hope I'm right.

Another thing I've got rolling around in my head is that when my aunt Sandy (who was a runner and inspired me to reach this goal) died 3 1/2 years ago I swore to run a marathon by the time I was 35. Well here I am 4 months into my 35th year and I'm running 3 minutes. So I've altered it a bit to run a half marathon at 35. There is a half marathon here in town that's pretty big around here and it just happens to be about 2 weeks before I turn 36. So if I train for 8 months I think I might be able to do it. So that's my big goal that I'm not ready to shout from the roof tops just yet. I'll keep it close for a while. I need a couple 5k and maybe a 10 k under my belt before I'll feel like it's really going to happen but that's the goal I'm reaching for.

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