Sunday, October 2, 2011

Journal 10/2/11

I did week 4 day 1 today. Not only did I do week 4 day 1 today but I did it after working 13 hours thankyouverymuch! I have to say that I'm pretty darned impressed with myself. The run itself was not too bad. The first 3 minute run was a breeze and the first 5 minute run wasn't that bad at all. I felt like I could still take a deep breath while still running even. HUGE improvement. The second 3 minute also not too bad. The second 5 minute run was tough. I had to do a lot of pep talking to myself to get through it. That being said - I did it. Now I feel all kinds of accomplished and stuff. Yay me. The last two runs I was having a lot of pain on my right foot at the base of my second toe. About my second toes -they're crazy long. I think I might need a half size bigger shoes. Or toe shortening surgery. I think the shoes might be easier. It's all coming at a good time because this coming weekend the wife and I are going to her home town for a wedding and her dad has offered to buy us running shoes since he's been so impressed with our endeavor. I'm pretty excited. It'll be nice to get a nice pair of running shoes that are fit by someone knowledgeable about such things. It'll be good. Especially going into week 5!!!!

I've started a new medication a couple weeks ago and it's been messing with my appetite. As in I don't really have much of one. Not a bad problem to have really but I also know that because I'm working out I need to fuel my body to be able to do that. So I've been eating every 4 hours to make sure I'm keeping my energy and blood sugar up. I'm not being too picky about what I'm eating but I've been eating a lot of high fiber foods and foods with high protein. Also staying vegan.

Tomorrow is not only weigh day but also monthly measurement day. The second measurements we've done. I'm anxious to see how many inches I've lost because I'm definitely seeing a difference in my clothes. Even though I'm less than 10 lbs down. Well I WAS less than 10 lbs down. We'll see what tomorrow says . . .

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