Monday, October 10, 2011

Journal 10/9 and 10/10

Yesterday (Sunday) was great. Love and I worked out on the treadmill in her dad's exercise room in his apartment again. Since I ran on Saturday I just wanted to walk. I set the time for 35 minutes and a speed of 3.5, which is 17 min/mile.  I plugged along and then the last 5 minutes I put the incline up to 3 to give myself a little extra challenge. I was drenched when I quit. So much for an easy day!! Oh well. It felt good.

Today I decided to do week 5 day 1 of C25K.  We all 5 went out to a park nearby to do it o the track they have there. I started off running with the girls but they surpassed me quickly! Week 5 day 1 is a 5 minute warm up walk, 5 minute run, 3 minute walk, 5 minute run, 3 minute walk, 5 minute run and then a 5 minute cool down walk. I did it (slowly) up to 2 minutes of the third run. I just couldn't breathe anymore! I am really disappointed in myself. All I can do though is to go back out there and try it again. Day 2 is different than day 1 so I'm going to try to do day 1 again until I can do it before moving on. 

I've been dreading week 5 for a while now and this is why. It really is going to require a lot more stamina. That will just take time I suppose. I am totally fine with repeating days until I can complete the runs. No matter how long that takes. The goal is to be able to run a 5K. Not walk it. I know I can walk it. I don't want to set a time limit on myself for it. I just want to be able to do it. That being said, I am registered for a 5K on Thanksgiving day. It is in 5 1/2 weeks. I've only been at this about 4 weeks and I've really improved so I absolutely think it's possible. 

I have been pretty good on my food lately. I've cheated and had dairy here and there but I think I'm about 80% vegan on a bad day and 100% vegan on a good day. And they're mostly good days. I have also been better about drinking a lot more water. Plus I've only had one pop in the last week or so. That is a huge improvement!!! Oh and I haven't had meat in over 2 months. I have no desire to ever eat it again. It just doesn't appeal to me. I have also started tracking my calories through a sparkpeople app on my phone. That has been really helpful. I'm averaging about 1300-1500 calories a day. 

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