A little about me

  • I'm 35
  • nurse
  • mom to three daughters
  • married 3 years (second time's a charm!)

Those are the basic bullets. Other than that- I've struggled with weight since I was a kid. It sucks. A lot. And the older I get the harder it is. I have lost the same 50-75 pounds over and over and over again and it always comes back with friends. At the beginning of August 2011 I was at my highest recorded weight (I think I've been higher though) of 262.2 lbs. I'm 5'6" but that doesn't really matter because unless you're 7 ft tall it's not a good weight to be. I also have a cholesterol of 250. Gross.

I have always gravitated towards being a vegetarian but at the beginning of August we, as a family, decided to become vegan. It's a tough change. I miss cheese. A lot. But not only for moral reasons but for health reasons I know I have to do this. Cholesterol lives in animal products so by eliminating them I should see that cholesterol number plummet. That's the plan.

I'm also doing the C25K program. I've done it before years ago but this time I want to keep running. I want to be a person who runs. I've wanted to for a long time but this time I want to really make it stick. It has to!!