Thursday, November 24, 2011

First 5k

Sorry it's been a month since I've posted. My littlest one got sick the day I posted the last post and was in the hospital for a week. After that I've been working 50 hour weeks and it's been insane. Because of that I haven't been running much (or at all) the last two weeks. But I went and did my 5k this morning anyway. I just told myself that I would just do my best and try to keep moving. That's exactly what I did too. I don't know my exact time yet since they're not posted yet but I did chip timing so I'll look it up in a few days to see. I do know it was less than 50 minutes though. ****edited to add that the final time was 49:13**** Not awful considering. Not only had it been 2 weeks since I'd run at all, I've NEVER done 3.1 miles before in my training AND I had my two oldest kids with me. The teenager complained half the time and the 10 year old had to pee from mile 1. lol

Other than that I've been doing well on my diet since I've lost weight. This morning I was down to 239.9.  :)

I've also got the race bug!!! I came home and registered for a Santa Run for Dec 4th and a St Patrick's Day 4 miler March 10th. I think having those to work towards will help keep me focused. I really need to keep it up if I'm going to do my half marathon June 2nd. I want to do a 10k at some point in April or May too. I just feel like I need the experience of running a longer race before the half.

To prepare I'm running as much as I can in the coming months. The half is just over 6 months away and I think I need every bit of that time to train. I bought a 3 month membership to the community center gym near my house so I can use that when the weather is bad. It's still nice now but in a week or so it could turn! It'll be good until Feb 24th. By then the weather should start turning the other direction.  I plan to start Saturday with the bridge to 10k app on my phone. I'd started it before but I think I need to start over. It's a 10 week program so I should be done by the end of January. At that point I'll start my half training.

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