Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 3 Weigh In (and Measure)

So it was time again for our once every 10 days or so weigh in and this time it was measure time too since it is now October. Sorry it's taken a while to get this posted but I've been having issues with my handy dandy little chart.  Here's how I did. . .

For the month of Septmember I'm down 7.7 lbs and 11.75 inches!!

Not too shabby I must say!! Since I weighed last time (Sept 23rd) I'm only down 1.2 lbs but a loss is a loss in my book and the inches is what really matters anyhow. I'm so glad I'm taking my measurements because otherwise I would be very discouraged. Most of those inches came from my waist and hips too so that's why my pants are feeling a bit looser! If I keep losing inches like this I'll be buying new pants by this time next month I think!

The breakdown of inches lost is:

0.5 in Bust
1 in Neck (wow!)
1 1/2 in Arm
4 1/2 in Waist (no wonder my pants are loose!)
0.25 in Calf
2 in Hips
2 in Thighs

Not too bad for a month! I am anxious to see what it is at the beginning of November. I really hope by then I'll have to actually wear a smaller size instead of where I am now where the size I'm currently in is really loose but I'm not quite ready for the next size down.

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