Saturday, October 8, 2011

Journal 10/8/11


We are visiting my love's family in Arkansas this weekend. Her dad has a gym in his apartment building so we took advantage and went to run on the treadmill this morning when we got up. It was my first time doing my run on a treadmill but it went well. It was my final run of week 4. It was also my first run with my pretty new shoes!! It was great. The new shoes help a lot. My toes didn't have the same  problem that they've had before. I did get a half size bigger than normal and I think that really helped. I finished this time which is good. Those 5 minute runs still kick my butt. It's not my legs that bug me. It is the breathing I think. It'll just take time I guess. I was getting a pain in my right side just under my rib cage. Week 5 consists of three 5 minute runs on day 1. Then a couple 5 minute runs alternated with 8 minute runs on day 2. Then day 3 is a 20 minute run. We'll see how that goes. If I have to repeat week 5 I will. From what I've heard it's not that uncommon. I just will keep doing it until I can do it. I WILL finish this program. I WILL be able to run a 5k. I've just decided.

Since we're in Arkansas we're not eating as well as normal. Oh well it's just a weekend. We will go back to normal when we get home tomorrow. I just can't come down here and not eat fried pickles. It's a must. It's just a couple times a year so I'll not beat myself up about it.

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