Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why this blog?

I am starting this blog because I want to record the process as I go from being a couch potato with 100 lbs to lose to a completely vegan person who runs races. It seems insurmountable right now as I sit at 257 lbs but I am determined to make this happen. Here I will document how I did it so that someone else out there who is sitting where I am now can see that it can be done. I plan on journaling every day or at least several times a week to document how I'm eating and the exercise I'm doing to keep myself accountable.

Food: This is my biggest issue I'm sure. At least 70%.  I love food. It's been a constant friend and comforter for me and I just need to find something else. I'm not sure yet what that's going to be but I need to find something else. As long as I can remember I've snuck food, I have stolen food, I've hoarded it and eaten secretly. Most people in my life don't know this. I have come to realize that I am an absolute food addict. The problem though is that I can't quit food. I just have to learn how to relate differently to it. I seriously think it would be easier to be a freaking alcoholic! This addiction is brutal. It's everywhere. There is no escaping it. EVER. So what I have chosen to do is cut certain foods out of my diet completely by becoming vegan. My cholesterol right now is 235 and so by cutting out animal products I will eventually reduce my cholesterol since that's where cholesterol is found. I'm going to have it rechecked in January. I hope I have a better number to report.

Exercise: Also a huge problem for me. I don't move unless I have to. First of all, it hurts to move a lot when you're heavy. But I have to remind myself that the more I do it the lesser I will weigh and the better it will feel. I have to keep that in my mind while I'm exercising otherwise all I think about is the pain. The program that I'm choosing to do is the Couch to 5K Running Training Program.  I have done it before years ago and it really does work. It works you up slowly from barely running to running for 30 minutes. It really makes it possible. That will take me 9 weeks. I'm currently on week 2.  But I don't plan on stopping there. After that there is a 10K training program too. There are more after that too all the way to becoming a marathon runner.   For some strange reason I have always had running as a goal for myself. I'm not exactly sure why since I have never been a very fit or athletic person. I guess I'll have to blame it on my late Aunt Sandy. She's my mom's sister and had always struggled with weight. Then she became a runner. It changed her whole life. She never struggled with it again. She has truly been my inspiration and I promised myself and her when she died 3 years ago that I would actually do it. And I will.

So there are my plans for how I am going to accomplish this. If you are someone who is struggling with weight please come and do it with me. I know we can do this. I know it is in me and I know it is in you.

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