Friday, September 23, 2011

Weight Loss 9/23/11

Weight Loss Progress

This is my weight chart. The first weight is August 4, 2011. The most current is today 9/23/11. I'm trying to weigh in about every 10 days. As you can see I initially lost weight when we went vegan (August 4th) and then gained. That's because we went out of town and we gone for 9 days and ate like garbabge the whole time. But I started exercising 2 weeks ago and I've seen great progress since then.

Here are the weights so far:

8/4/11 - 262.2
8/15/11 -257.4  down 4.8
8/30/11 -260.7  up 3.3
9/14/11 -256.8  down 3.9
9/23/11 -254.2  down 2.6

I plan to also do measurements every month. The last measurements were done 9/5/11. Once we do them again (probably next weigh in on or around Oct 3rd) I will post those as well. I am noticing a difference in my clothes though so I am hopeful that I've also lost some inches!

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